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Our range of Wolfrace Wheels provides an excellent range of options for discerning car owners. The company is well-known for offering its customers high-quality, luxurious, and affordable wheels for the past four and half decades, and we are a local authorised reseller of the brand.

Wolfrace’s alloy wheels come in a wide array of colours, fitments and designs, meaning even the most style conscious will find the set for them. This includes those who own SUVs and 4x4s. Additionally, all wheels come with a warranty of up to five years, so you can be assured that you are making a smart investment in purchasing them.

Why opt for Wolfrace alloy wheels?

Wolfrace’s portfolio is exemplary in its ability to cater for a wide range of tastes and needs, particularly catering for those who are enthusiastic about vehicles and motoring. Wheels range in size from 13 inches to 23 inches and offer different levels of the sophistication depending on usage and the level of luxury the car owner wishes to indulge in.

So what’s on offer? The following wheels offer a taste of what investing in a Wolfrace could do for you and your vehicle:

Wolfrace Eurosport

This range of fantastic alloy wheels offers some of the best selling products in the brand’s portfolio. These include designs such as the Assassin GT, Munich, and Turismo. In addition, many of them are weight loaded to cater for commercial vehicles such as Vauxhall Vivaro vans. These wheels range in size from 13 inches to 20 inches and are great for car owners who would like to make their vehicles stand out and catch the eye.

Wolfrace GB

As Wolfrace’s premium and most highly regarded collection of wheels, the Wolfrace GB range contains some of the best wheels available anywhere on the market. It includes such innovative and stylish designs as Poison, Lugano, Quinto, Catania and Norano. With sizes ranging from 13 inches to 21 inches, all of these products are TUV approved and have a warranty of up to five years. In addition, Wolfrace GB is an approved aftermarket range for Renault UK.

Wolfrace GB Classic Style

This range features classic styles, all of which are produced in Europe and TUV approved. They range in size from 15 inches to 21 inches.

Wolfrace Track-ready

As the name suggests, this wheel is great for drivers who are interested in track and performance. For example, the Pro-Lite wheel is lighter than the original alloy kind and they feature a high-quality, functional finish. It comes in black and ranges in size from 15 inches to 18 inches.

Wolfrace Explorer

This range is exclusive to Land Rover vehicles, ranging in size from 16 inches to 18 inches.

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