Car Servicing in Scarborough

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Why you should choose Scarborough Car Tech for your service

Here at Scarborough Car Tech, we pride ourselves on offering thorough car service, with a professional, and friendly customer experience. Expertly trained to cover all of the bases required of a qualified mechanic, we can help you out and have you back on the road in no time

This economy does not come at the price of quality. Our qualified mechanics are fully trained to service any make or model that comes to us. We use only the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment to perform your car service and give you a comprehensive overview of how your vehicle is doing.

Scarborough Car Tech is committed to delivering reliable and competent service at an economical price, and we’re always happy to talk this over with you.

Car service package

This includes completing a full car service when required. Outfitted with a top of the range service kit from Wix, we can perform a comprehensive inspection of your car, to maximise both its lifespan and value, and leave more money leftover in your pocket.
It’s important to us that our car service package is affordable to all, and that’s why we make sure our prices stay competitive. Offering a fixed price offer, we make certain that you know exactly how much you need to the layout before we set to work on your car, meaning that there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises waiting for you when you come to collect your vehicle.

Manufacturer's warranty

Are you worried about invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty by not having your car serviced by a dealer, don’t fret: Scarborough Car Tech have you covered. Carrying out our procedures in accordance with OEM specifications, we guarantee that we will meet all manufacturer’s standards to keep your warranty intact.

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What’s Included?

Health Check
Interim Service
Full Service
Van / 4×4 Full Service
Internal, External & Electrical
Check Glass & Mirrors
Check Horn, Washers & Wiper Blades
Check Seat & Seat Belt Condition
Instruments & Controls
Check Exterior Lights & Lenses
Renew Pollen Filter (Upon Request) - -
Under The Bonnet
Check Engine Oil & All Other Levels
Check Battery Condition
Check Coolant Strength (Min -15)
Check AUX Drive Belt Condition
Check Brake Fluid Condition
Renew Engine Oil & Filter -
Renew Air Filter - -
Renew Fuel Filter (Diesel Only) - -
Renew Spark Plugs (x4, Petrol Only) - -
Wheels & Tyres
Check NSF – Tread Depth
Check NSR – Tread Depth
Check OSF – Tread Depth
Check OSR – Tread Depth
Check Spare
Wheel Alignment (evidence of uneven wear)
Set tyre pressures - -
Brakes & Hubs
Check Steering & Suspension Joints & Boots
Remove, Clean & Refit Brake Pads - -
Check Brake Disk Wear (visual)
Check Wheel Bearings - -
Check Brake Pad Wear (visual) -
Check Brake Hoses & Rigid Pipe Condition
Check Brake Caliper Seals & Cylinders - -
Check Suspension Spring For Corrosion & Security - -
Check For Any Leaks
Check Exhaust System, Mountings & Shields
Check Signs Of General Corrosion
Subframes, trailing arms & tie bars
Renew Fuel Filter (Petrol Only, If Requested) - -
Check Gearbox Oil Level - -
Prop shaft & transfer levels - -
Service Indicator Reset
Reset the dashboard service indicator -
Stam the service book -
Locking wheel nut key returned to vehicle -
Timing belt due? - -
Diagnostic scan to Altus Drive - -

Payment Assist with Scarborough Car Tech

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