All customers must provide their address and contact details. Please let us know if your contact details change so that we can keep you updated with any special offers that may be available.
You cannot work on any vehicle on our premises until you (or the vehicle owner if this is not you) and any other person that will carry out any work on the vehicle has reviewed and signed these terms and conditions. You must follow the rules and procedures set out in these terms and conditions. We may terminate your visit with immediate effect if you breach any of these terms and conditions.


Tool inspection and use: You are responsible for inspecting all equipment and tools before use. If you are unsure how to properly inspect any equipment or tools according to manufacturer specifications, then you must not use the tool or equipment until properly advised. You are also responsible for proper use, according to manufacturer specifications, of any equipment and tools used by you. You (and any other person accompanying you) understand and acknowledge the risks of failing to properly inspect or properly use any equipment and tools. You are responsible for identifying any missing tools in the toolbox at beginning of bay hire. Any tools missing when your rental is over will be paid for by you at replacement rate. Any tools broken when in use by you due to improper use will be paid for by you at replacement rate.
Payment: You are responsible for paying all posted rates before leaving the premises. Initial bay hire is to be paid in full prior to arrival. You may only receive a full refund for a cancelled booking if you cancel the booking at least 48 hours before the bay hire session is due to commence. Hire fees must be paid online or in reception office by debit or credit card only, cheques will not be accepted. You may also pay by bank transfer.
Time: When making your booking, you should allow sufficient time to carry out the planned tasks. Even the best plans can go wrong. If time is getting tight you should inform the workshop supervisor. If you have not finished in the bay at the end of your hire period and the next booking must be cancelled, you may be charged an additional fee for cancelling the next booking if we cannot accommodate them.
Working with others: It’s wise to bring a helper.
Promotional use: By accepting these terms and conditions, you authorise us to take, edit and otherwise make use of any pictures and/or videos taken of you for promotional reasons, including but not limited to, newsletters, posters, brochures, advertisements, press kits and submissions to journalists, websites, social media sites, and other print and digital communications, without payment or any other consideration.


You understand and acknowledge the risks inherent in the performance of vehicle repairs and/or maintenance and use of our premises and/or garage. This may include but is not limited to bodily injury or damage caused by or to other customers.
You represent and warrant that you have the physical capacity to perform intended vehicle work and agree to assume all such risks arising from your use of our premises, facilities, tools, and/or equipment.
Any damage caused by you to the vehicle, or our premises is your responsibility and you are responsible for ensuring valid insurance cover for the vehicle in respect of third party bodily injury and damage.
We shall under no circumstance whatsoever be liable for any bodily injury or damage cause by you, including your failure to properly inspect or properly use tools or equipment. Nothing in these terms and conditions will limit our liability to you in the event of our negligence.
You agree to indemnify us against all claims, actions, judgments, damages, or costs that may arise out of your use of our premises, facilities, tools and equipment.


  1. On arrival, you will be greeted by the workshop supervisor. They will check the booking details and present you with a copy of the Waiver to read and sign. All persons accompanying you (max 2 others) will also be given a copy of the Waiver to read and sign. Only when this is done can you proceed to the next step. 
  2. Time starts at your reserved hire time. Please allow 15 mins minimum for admin purposes. Your hire time includes administration, positioning the vehicle, the customer carrying out their tasks, clean up and check out administration. We will allow 10 mins in certain situations to assist where possible for admin and questions 
  3. The shop supervisor will then put your vehicle into a designated bay or on the vehicle lift. 
  4. The customer is then to inspect the tools and equipment provided in the bay. Alert the workshop supervisor to anything that is missing, or is not in good working condition, or for which you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Failure to inspect for missing tools by the customer will result in the customer paying for any and all missing tools from the bay. 
  5. If you’re going to need any additional specialist tooling from the Shop Supervisor asks now. Specialist tooling is subject to availability, please call first to ensure we can supply any special tools and/or equipment. We will do our best to have this ready and available for you.  
  6. Begin your work! 
  7. General re-tidy on next lifts available section .


  1. You are responsible to properly use tools and equipment provided for your use. If you do not know how to safely use any tool or equipment, please ask the workshop supervisor for instruction. Immediately stop using any tool or equipment that appears to not be functioning properly or you are unsure of its condition. 
  2. All vehicle repairs should be done in accordance with any accredited repair manual, or service manual provided by the manufacturer. Free WiFi is available. 
  3. You are responsible for obtaining and using the correct parts for vehicle repairs. We can order in parts for your vehicle prior to your booking or during your booking if you need extra parts. 
  4. Respect the limits of your skills and knowledge and do not perform repairs unless you have been adequately trained to perform them before entering the garage. The workshop supervisor may not instruct customers on any repairs, nor may the workshop supervisor perform any work on a customer’s vehicle. 
  5. Customers requiring more time than reserved to complete their vehicle repairs should inquire with the front desk as soon as possible to determine if additional time is available. If it’s not available you will be instructed by the workshop supervisor to vacate the bay at the end of your hire period. You will be given the option of booking the next available bay. 


  1. Customers are responsible for cleaning the bay assigned to them within the customer’s reserved time. Please leave at least 10 minutes before the end of your time for cleaning. 
  2. Any spilled fluids should be cleaned up immediately for safety, convenience, and to comply with environmental regulations. A container of absorbent (‘kitty litter’) is provided in each bay. The workshop supervisor can provide additional spill clean-up materials if needed. After using the absorbent material please sweep it up and place it back in the container that it came from. Do not throw the absorbent material in the bins, do not vacuum it up. 
  3. Sweep up waste in the bay and throw it away. Brooms and dust pans and brushes are provided. 
  4. All fluids and waste shall be disposed of strictly in accordance with marked containers. UK Rent-A-Ramp  will recycle clean and/or dirty solvents, petroleum-based fluids, and/or contaminated parts at the agreed rates. Published on our website.  
  5. All tools must be wiped clean and returned to their proper place. Any specialty tools and/or equipment must be wiped clean, returned to their container (if any), and presented to the workshop supervisor. 
  6. Any tools or equipment lost, broken, stolen, or damaged will be repaired/replaced at customer’s expense. 


  1. Return specialty tools and/or equipment to the workshop supervisor to ensure it is marked on your account as returned or to be added to your bill. 
  2. When your bay is clean and tools returned to their proper place, tell the workshop supervisor that you are ready to check out. 
  3. You and the workshop supervisor will inspect the tool box and indicate on your work order that all tools are returned to their proper place, or to note any tools to be added to your bill. 
  4. Any outstanding fees must be settled before leaving. You will then be guided out of the bay and UK Rent-A-Ramp by the workshop supervisor. 


Working on, around, or near vehicles and the equipment used in their maintenance and repair can be dangerous when the proper precautions are not taken. As such, you agree to and acknowledge the following: 

  1. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times by a parent or legal guardian in the break area only. 
  2. A maximum of two people (including you) are allowed to occupy a bay and each person must sign these terms and conditions. 
  3. Unless approved in writing by the workshop supervisor, no vehicles shall remain in the shop after business hours unless it has been arranged prior to the booking and your hire goes over into the next day. UK Rent-A-Ramp assumes no liability or responsibility for any vehicles remaining in the shop after hours. 
  4. Smoking and/or the consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs is PROHIBITED on the premises at all times. 
  5. You are not permitted to enter any other bay for any reason unless the Customer in the bay has notified both the workshop supervisor and the person entering the bay area that they are allowed to be in the bay. 
  6. You must not solicit business within the premises or any common area. 
  7. You can use UK Rent-A-Ramp facilities for training purposes but you must book this and let management know in advance.  
  8. You (and all persons accompanying you) shall wear appropriate protective clothing for the tasks being carried out, including closed shoes with reinforced toe caps as necessary. No flip flops, sandals, or open-toe footwear are permitted in the workshop area. Long hair must be tied in back. Safety glasses and ear protection are to be used as required. 
  9. Only beverages in covered and non-breakable containers may be consumed in the workshop area. Food and beverage containers and/or waste shall be disposed of in the proper waste or recycling bins. Customers will clean up any spills on the floor, table or counter. 
  10. Customers must not play music on site whatsoever. 
  11. No welding is allowed unless prior arrangement has been made with the workshop supervisor before making the booking. 
  12. No painting is allowed unless prior arrangement has been made with the workshop supervisor before making the booking. 
Any person not complying with the Rules and Procedures may be asked to leave the premises and payment for all remaining reserved time shall be forfeit.
UK Rent-A-Ramp reserves the right to modify or amend these Rules and Procedures at any time.

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