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Replacement Car Batteries in Scarborough

A vital part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine’s valves is your timing belt. It is also called the cam belt by some. Potential damage to your bank balance and your engine can be enormous if your cam belt breaks. A snapped rubber timing belt will effectively write off your engine. In most cases the cost of a rebuild can be immense and sometimes it’s not economical to repair the engine. You will be left looking for a new engine or even a new vehicle.This would mean been without a vehicle and having to start all over again. Looking for a new vehicle and insurance etc means more inconvenience and more expense. So dont overlook this job on your vehicle, get a quote today and spare the blushes.
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Give your vehicle a boost with A premium car battery from Scarborough Car Tech

Did you know that one of the highest numbers of breakdown call-outs each year is a car battery-related problem? Whether the battery has lost charge or is unable to turn the engine over for it to start, having a faulty car or van battery can be a costly mistake. Luckily this is preventable with the help of Scarborough Car Tech.

Replace your car battery with Scarborough Car Tech

At Scarborough Car Tech, we offer a free van and car battery test service which takes only five minutes and checks the charging system, the voltage output of the alternator and charging rate of the whole system. This ensures the battery, being a critical component of your vehicle, is working correctly and staying healthy.

Should you require a new car battery we are able to supply and fit a new one from our extensive range of batteries in stock at our garage. All of our batteries come with a three-year guarantee for peace of mind. Please feel free to drive in for a free battery test soon.

Caring for your new car battery

Most modern car batteries are maintenance-free which means there’s very little you can do to keep your battery ‘healthy’.

Ensure the battery terminal connections are tight and not corroded in any way. If there is corrosion use some petroleum jelly on the terminals to help stop the build-up of this.

If you ever remove your battery, make sure the terminals are re-connected properly – if in doubt, leave this to us.

We supply and fit all types of car batteries and van batteries including:

  • Car battery
  • Van batteries
  • Tractor batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • Caravan leisure batteries
  • Motorhome batteries
  • Lawnmower batteries
  • Bike batteries

…and many more.

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