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Diagnostic Experts with Scarborough Car Tech

Are warning lights showing on your dashboard? Don’t worry, bring it to the experts at Scarborough Car Tech, where we will have the problem diagnosed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Whether you have a warning light showing or not, our advanced car diagnostic centre coupled with qualified mechanics can diagnose a wide range of faults quickly. Car and van diagnostics are becoming more and more reliant on the latest equipment and information than ever before.
This is why we have invested so much time and money in the latest equipment and training available on the market today.

What do the diagnostic lights mean when they come on the dashboard?

If you get a red diagnostic warning light it generally means that something is serious and you should stop and switch off the engine straight away. If you don’t you risk serious damage and that means it’s potentially going to cost you lots of money. The light that looks like the engine can illuminate for many different reasons and is related to a fault in the engine or the engine electronics system. This light is often orange and may have reduced power.
If a yellow or amber light appears on your dashboard, the best thing to do is pull over and see if there is anything wrong with your vehicle (for example, you can check tyre pressures and all your oil levels). As soon as possible you will need to have your vehicle checked by a professional garage.

Why get a car diagnostic health check?

  • If you’re looking to buy or sell a car
  • You suspect a problem with any electrical device in your car
  • You’re using lots of fuel
  • Any warning lights are on
  • Find pending faults before a warranty runs out
  • Not all faults bring on a warning light
  • Provide evidence of a clean bill of health to help sell the vehicle


TerraClean also targets your car’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), which works to reduce emissions by capturing particles of soot and diesel in your car’s exhaust pipe. Though usually self-cleaning, your DPF can easily become blocked and cease to work correctly. In the worst cases, a blocked DPF can prevent a vehicle from functioning at all. The standard TerraClean process improves the function of the DPF, but if the problem isn’t easily resolved, specialised technology can regenerate the DPF and clear out any accumulation of particles. Buying a replacement DPF can be a significant cost. A TerraClean service prevents this unnecessary expense, restoring your existing DPF back to high-performance functionality and lowering your engine’s emissions.


DPF specialist cleaning off the car. Cleans 98% of contaminants from inside the DPF
  • Save thousands, get it reconditioned no need to replace now we have the technology in house to clean it in under 2 hours turn around. (DPF Removed already)
  • DPF Cleaned off the car. Removes the ash that builds up inside that will not regenerate. There is no other way to clean this. Flow testing and checking for internal damage.
  • Also removes all other deposits that commonly block up the DPF.
  • It is cheaper than you think.
  • And so much cheaper than buying a cheap replacement.
  • Trade Discounts welcome as well, discounts for all trade garages. Two-hour turnaround if delivered to us.
  • No need to remove any sensors at all please leave them all in place.
  • Removal and fitting service also available. Diagnosis as to the cause of blockage also available.
  • DPF light on? Especially euro 6 -6B even on low miles? Regeneration and chemical clean will not always work on euro 6.
  • We can definately help!

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